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Ms. N. Beck - Cafeteria Manager

N. Beck

Ms. A. Linda

Ms. V. Prince

V. Prince

Mr. C. Jones

C. Jones

Ms. C. Banks

Building and grounds

Ms. T. Lewis - Plant Manager

T. Lewis

Ms. R. Anderson

R. Anderson

Mr. T. Hicks

T. Hicks

Supervision And campus aides

Ms. M. Gutierrez

M. Gutierrez

Mr. C. Francis

C. Francis

Ms. L. Perez

L. Perez

Ms. M. Tapia

M. Tapia

Office Personnel

Ms. A. Kang - School Administrative Assistant

A. Kang

Ms. A. Abrica

A. Abrica

Ms. L. Runas - Nurse

Support Personnel

Ms. S. Bañuelos - RSP ( Resource Support Program)

S. Bañuelos

Mr. J. Torres - Coordinator

J. Torres

Ms. C. Burgos - Title III Coach

Ms. T. Flores - Intervention Coordinator

T. Flores

Mr. M. Santana - Community School Coordinator

M. Santana

Ms. C. Tolosa - Psychologist 

Ms. M. Nakaza - Speech and Language 

Ms. R. Gonzalez - Parent Representative

R. Gonzalez

Ms. D. Revelle - Community Representative

D. Revelle

Ms. R. De Casas - PSW

Ms. A. Guilen - PSA

Educational Aides

Ms. Y. Diaz

Y. Diaz

Ms. Y. Garcia

Y. Garcia

Ms. J. Pineda

J. Pineda

Ms. Y. Tenorio

Y. Tenorio

Mr. J. Gallegos

J. Gallegos

Mr. G. Bernal - Special Education

G. Bernal

afterschool programs- L.a.'s best and ys care

Ms. I Villanueva - L.A.'s Best

I. Villanueva

Ms. M. Castro - L.A.'s Best

M. Castro

Mr. C. Aragon - YS Care

C. Aragon